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Partner Support

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User Support

User Information Page
Product Registration, Product Upgrade Download etc.
Upgrading Your Software
Instructions on how to update/upgrade your software licence
USB Licence Key Drivers
Drivers for USB licence keys
FORUM8 Support Page
Links to User Information page, RUS Tool downloads, Dongle Drivers and more

VR-Design Studio Support

Hardware Specifications
System requirements for VR-Design Studio
Improving Performance
How to improve performance and the frame rate in VR-Design Studio
VR-Design Studio Car Physics
How vehicle dynamics is simulated in VR-Design Studio
Import and Export Files
File types that can be imported into or exported out of VR-Design Studio


Editing (Terrain and 2D Plan View)

Import Terrain
This video explains how to import FORUM8 WAP terrain files into VR-Design Studio. The following Import Satellite Image video shows how to place aerial photography from Google Earth over this terrain. NB: Please note that Google Earth satel
Import Satellite Image
This video shows how to place aerial photography from Google Earth over this terrain the FORUM8 WAP terrain. View the preceding Import Terrain video for instructions on how to import FORUM8 WAP terrain. NB: Please note that Google Earth satellite images
Location Settings
This tutorial will teach you how to customize settings for your file based on a specific geographic location.
Adjusting Terrain and Making Lakes
Video showing how to edit terrain elevation and draw a shoreline to create reflective water surfaces
Creating and Editing Flight Paths
Video showing how to draw a flight path in 3D space, edit nodes in 3D view and in plan view, and travel along flight path as an animated fly by of a street scene
Setting Waypoints on a flight path
Video showing how to make objects scriptable, set waypoints, and add commands to waypoints

Roads, Intersections and Traffic Generation

Making Roads and Intersections and Generating Traffic
Video showing how roads and intersections can be created and how traffic can be generated on these roads
Editing Intersections
Video showing how intersections can be edited
Creating Traffic Signals
Video showing how traffic signals can be assigned
Add Bridge and Tunnel
Video showing how to add bridges (flyovers) and tunnels to a road

Traffic Microsimulation

S-Paramics Data Exchange
Video showing how road network can be exchanged between VR-Design Studio and S-Paramics
S-Paramics Microsimulation Player
Video showing how S-Paramics car position information can be imported
Importing VISSIM (VISSIM data copyright to PTV)
Video showing how to import PTV VISSIM traffic microsimulation data into VR-Design Studio

Importing 3D Models (buildings, cars etc.)

Load 3D Models
This tutorial will teach you how to load 3DS models into VR-Design Studio and easily move them around your scene.
Roadside Objects
This tutorial will teach you how to place street signs, road markings, lamps, power poles, and bridge piers into your scene using the Roadside Objects Editor in VR-Design Studio.
Model Visibility (Before After Views)
Shows how to set the visibility distance for your scene's terrain and to also edit scenes into before, now, and after layers
Importing from Google SketchUp
Introduction video to importing 3D models from Google SketchUp into VR-Design Studio. Introduces how SketchUp can be utilised alongside VR-Design Studio and discusses points that need to be remembered when importing from SketchUp.


Making Scenarios (Basics)
Video showing the basics of making scenarios
Making Scenarios (Structure)
Video showing how scenarios can be structured
Making Scenarios (Events - Pt. A)
Video showing how events are added and edited in scenarios
Making Scenarios (Events - Pt. B)
Video showing how events are added and edited in scenarios
Advanced Scenario Creation
Creating more complex scenarios


Visual Options (Weather etc.)
This tutorial explores options for changing weather effects, time of day, and smoke/fire particle generators in VR-Design Studio.
Record AVIs
Describes how to record AVIs
Pedestrian Movement
Describes how to assume pedestrian views and to place individual pedesrtians
Import SIDRA Data
Tutorial showing you how to import intersection data from SIDRA Solutions.
Creating MD3 Characters
Video showing the pipeline of how to convert a character animation from 3dsmax, maya or motion builder (via the FBX file format) to VR-Design Studio
Import Shapefiles
Video showing how ShapeFiles can be imported into VR-Design Studio


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Services: 3D Customisation | VR Model Database | Software Development Kit


3D VR & Visual Interactive Simulation for cities and transportation networks. Traffic modelling, drive simulation and pedestrian simulation inside an immersive 3D simulation. Training and evacuation simulators available.