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FORUM8 Customers and Partners can either contract with the company to customize the VR-Design Studio software to meet their own individual specification, or they can utilize the VR-Design Studio SDK and customize the software themselves. Contact: office@forum8.com


VR-Design Studio SDK



The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to create and add new functionalities as a plug-in to VR-Design Studio.


A plug-in developed for VR-Design Studio requires a running version of VR-Design Studio. You have the right to redistribute the plug-in on its own as a separate product.


The SDK allows you to:

  • Setup and access to the 3D data and other static parameters of the project.
  • Customize the user interface by adding your own forms and control in existing components of the UC-win/Road GUI.
  • Get real time feedback of the moving objects.
  • Get real time feedback on user's operations such as keyboard, mouse and joystick input.
  • Control the position of the camera of moving objects in real time.
  • Execute your own OpenGL command to integrate more 3D effects and objects in the scene.
  • Customize the physical model of the user's vehicle.


This manual is written for developers who want to customize UC-win/Road. It consists of the following parts:


Part 1: Developers Guide; describes how to create a plugin.
Part 2: UC-win/Road API: describes the API in detail.



The VR-Design Studio SDK is developed in EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES® Delphi® XE2, therefore you must use Delphi® XE2 to develop the plugins.

UC-win/Road plugins are Delphi® runtime libraries. They are automatically loaded when starting up UC-win/Road or can be loaded via the UC-win/Road Plugin Manager. Delphi® XE2 is not required to distribute a plugin.

The customization becomes possible by the plugin, which can access the application and existing data.

This API works with: VR-Design Studio Ver. 8.0.0 Development Environment of EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES® Delphi® XE2.


API Functions

Changing, Reading and Saving Data

With this SDK you can customize the functions of those objects listed below.

Also included in the changing, converting, switching and processing of data...


Read/Write to the terrain grid
Creation of terrain patches (TIN)
Read access to the terrain triangles
Street map
Read/Write access to the street map pictures
Read/Write access to sections
Read/Write access to the horizontal alignment
Read/Write access to the vertical alignment
Read/Write access to the road section, transition, bridge and tunnel parameters
Positioning of the stopping point
Read/Write access to the textures
Positioning of traffic light models
Start and End traffic generators of the roads
Read/Write access to traffic sink/sources
Settings of the traffic profiles and access to the vehicle groups.
Weight of the drive paths
Traffic control on boundaries (signal control)
Loading of models from files
Creation of 3D models and definition of the 3D information
Positioning of models


User Interface Customization


Addition of menu and menu items
Creation of forms with Delphi(TM) XE2
Addition of tab in the intersection editor
Addition of tab in the model editor


User Interface Customization


Command to start driving on a road
Steering, throttle and brake input from a plugin
Access to speed and engine rpm information
Stop/Pause/Resume traffic simulation
Start and stop scenario. Access to events information and customize events' commands
or start conditions
Run contexts
Control traffic vehicles behaviour


For more information please contact office@forum8.com


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