Haneda Airport

Enviromental Effects

ADAS Driving Simulation

Point Cloud Data in VR-Design Studio

I 80 ICM Forum8 Project

3D Traffic & Transportation Visualisation

I-80 ICM Project

US I-80 New Gantries

Multi-storey Trumpet Intersection at Ohashi Junction

Nedlands 8-Phase Intersection

UDOT Flyover

3D Urban & Pedestrian Simulation


Digital Phoenix

Osaka Urban Redevelopment

Legion Pedestrian Data visualised in VR-Design Studio

Nihonbashi Alternatives

3D Interactive Drive Simulation

Interactive 3D VR Driver Training Environment

VR-Design Studio Version9

Safety Measures on Highways

Roundabout Project on US41

Highway Driving Simulator

3D Emergency Simulation

Evacuation in an Aging Society

Flood Analysis

Evacuation in a high rise office building

Tsunami/Evacuation Simulation

Qingdao Undersea Tunnel Evacuation

3D Railway & Station Facility Simulation

Croy Station

Bullet Train Approaching a Station

Osaka LRT Project

Pedestrian Simulation at Nakameguro Station, Tokyo

Railway Signal Positioning Verification

3D Construction Simulation

EAZET Piling Simulation

Railway Station Refurbishment

Railway Bridge Construction Simulation

New Bridge Span

Railway Bridge Replacement (Cherry Blossom)

World Heritage & City Models

Hamburg, Germany

Machu Picchu, Peru

Ohmi, Japan

Curitiba, Brazil

Kimbell Art Museum, Texas, USA


XPSwmm and VR-Design Studio, Redlands CA

HDOT Photo-Log plug in

Alternative Proposals for a Bus Terminal in Korea

VR-Design Studio Version 8 New Features

VR-Design Studio Driving Simulators

Reality v.s. Simulation - Ohashi Junction

Sudan New City Project

RTA Hunter Expressway, Australia

Promoting Electric Vehicles

Road Construction & Scenery Preservation

VR-Design Studio Demonstration

New Depot Design

Sports Complex Simulation

Indonesia Water Park Simulation

Bicycle Simulator

Preservation of Cultural Heritage in 3D VR Simulation

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