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iDrive Simulator
iDrive Simulator

Driving Simulators


The FORUM8 Drive Simulators benefit from the comprehensive 3D visual and interactive attributes of VR-Design Studio. The software allows users to create driving scenarios and re-create them with complete control of all environmental conditions, as well as being able to set individual vehicle dynamics from either within VR-Design Studio or in collaboration with such 3rd party products like CarSim or TruckSim.


FORUM8 Drive Simulators are used widely for human factors research, vehicle development and research, driver training and many other aspects of road safety research and training.


Driving Simulators range from basic desk-top units (VR-Drive), to multi-million dollar hexapod systems, with up to 8 degrees of freedom.


In addition, FORUM8 can supply other hardware simulators including both for both rail and ship simulations. Please ask for more details


VR-Drive a low cost PC based driving simulator with many applications.


Road Safety Research

  • Human Factors
  • Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems
  • Cognitive Response
  • Physical Impairment
  • Distracted Driving



  • Advanced Professional Driver Courses
  • Basic Teen Driver Programs
  • Heavy Vehicle Driving


Interactive 3D VR Environments

  • Build / use hypothetical road networks
  • Use real 3D Streetscapes & City Models
  • Develop multiple driving events / scenarios
  • Total control of all weather options
  • Monitor and report on driving results


Vehicle Dynamics

  • Build / use hypothetical road networks
  • Set basic vehicle dynamics
  • Import data from specialist software (CarSim and TruckSim)


VR-Drive... The Benefits

  • Market leading Interactive 3D VR Simulation & Modeling real-time software
  • Excellent value for money
  • The Scenario editor means you can customise the system easily
  • A free database of over 4000 3D models
  • An existing 3D environment with built in events / scenarios
  • Over 13,000 existing licences worldwide
  • On-going software development


Driving Simulator Add-ons


Multi-User Client Plug-in and Computer Cluster


The Multi User Client Version run on each Client PC within a computer cluster is used simultaneously with the VR-Design Studio software running on the Master PC of the same computer cluster. The coordinate information of each and every object calculated by the Master PC is reflected on the VR-Design Studio environment within each Client PC. The multiple screens being synchronized with the Master PC, thereby allowing users on each Client PC to drive at the same time within the same environment.


Pre-Built Driver Training Environment


A pre-built driver training environment, built by the FORUM8 US based Partner VSAT, is available in a number of forms


  • The basic training environment, which may be free-driven, and which also may host various driving hazards and training scenarios
  • Simulator Control Station, which enables control of environmental conditions, weather effects, traffic density, and scenarios without using VR-Design Studio controls located on the primary (center) display screen
  • A package of driving scenarios, or hazards, designed to teach basic driving skills


This Driver training environment can be used as it is or it can be developed to include additional highways, tunnels, bridges, crossings etc as well as new scenarios and emergency driving situations by using the user friendly features of VR-Design Studio.


Case Studies

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3D VR & Visual Interactive Simulation for cities and transportation networks. Traffic modelling, drive simulation and pedestrian simulation inside an immersive 3D simulation. Training and evacuation simulators available.