iDrive Simulator
iDrive Simulator



G’Val is an interactive training system for highway and tunnel operators, utilizing the power of VR-Design Studio.


The objective of this training simulator is to provide operators of Roads & Tunnels with a virtual reality tool that behaves just like their real working environment, using realistic information, both in terms of technical data and traffic images.


The platform’s integrated software simulates the behavior of a range of different components (equipment, people, traffic ...) within a network and / or road system, with respect to not only the visual, but also the technical and communication aspects.


Connected to the SCADA system through an OPC link, the simulator is a training tool for use by the Supervision (HMI) and other Operational Support personnel. It is also a tool for generating awareness of the minimal conditions required for system operation and the correct application of the Rules of Operation.



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3D VR & Visual Interactive Simulation for cities and transportation networks. Traffic modelling, drive simulation and pedestrian simulation inside an immersive 3D simulation. Training and evacuation simulators available.