Case Studies

Urban/Transport Visualisation

QUBE Ports and Bulk
Driver Training and Assessment System for a PCC (Pure Car Carrier) Simulator
I-80 Integrated Corridor Project
3D interactive model of the I-80 corridor in CA
CCTA I-80 Project
The project involved the production of an accurate, photo-realistic 3D interactive model of the I-80 corridor travelling Westbound from University Avenue to the Bay Bridge in the Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, in the San Francisco Bay Area of Californ
Shanghai Municipal and Traffic Design Institute (SMTDI), China
Various transportation projects; intersection and bridge design and consultation using UC-win/Road
Seoul National University, South Korea
Vehicle and pedestrian behaviour research using VR-Design Studio
Korea Transport Institute, South Korea
Consideration into transport policy on highways using VR-Design Studio
Taisei Engineering, Japan
Taisei Engineering has been using VR-Design Studio since 2003 - this article explains what attracted Taisei Engineering to UC-win/Road and what their plans are for the future
Thiess Pty, Ltd., Australia
3D simulation of construction projects for stakeholder consultation and EOI submission using UC-win/Road
Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Higashi High School, Japan
Considering various design alternatives for redevelopment of a shopping mall as part of high school curriculum using UC-win/Road
Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan
Using VR-Design Studio to simulate and interact with highway generated by OHPASS (Optimal Highway Path Automatic SearchSystem)
Construction and Water Department, Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Disaster Prevention and Management using UC-win/FRAME(3D)

Drive Simulation

North Carolina State University invest in Driving Simulator
Driver behaviour when confronted by a Diverging Diamond Interchange.
UET Taxila choose FORUM8 Interactive Driving Simulation software
University of Engineering & Technology Taxila is one of the foremost technological Universities in Pakistan
GVal Case Study - Egis Road Operation (ERO)
This system is based on the ability to produce a real-time interactive 3D VR environment using the FORUM8 software VR-Design Studio
Morgan State University Research
Drive Simulation research conducted with VR-Design Studio by Morgan State University
The role of a driving simulator in driver training to improve fuel economy
Driving simulators are now being used in initiatives aimed at training drivers in Eco-Driving techniques
DS as an Electric Vehicle Hardware Development tool
Driving Simulation, Hardware testing, Electric Vehicles, Simulator Control, Vehicle Design
Tianjin University, China
Driver behaviour analysis using VR-Design Studio Drive Simulator
East Nippon Expressway, Co. Ltd., Japan
Training for driving on highways using VR-Design Studio Drive Simulator
Ourston Roundabout Engineering, Inc., USA
Education and promotion of roundabouts in the USA using UC-win/Road Drive Simulation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Using UC-win/Roda Drive Simulator for promotion of new ITS technologies
Vehicle Information and Communication System Center (VICS Center), Japan
Developing a Vehicle Information System for Safe and Comfortable Driving
National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims, Japan
Driving aptitude tests for professional drivers using VR-Design Studio Drive Simulation
Highway Industry Development Organisation, Japan
'Smartway' ITS Development and Promotion using VR-Design Studio Drive Simulator

Emergency Simulation

Tongji University, China
Disaster management on public transport using VR-Design Studio and EXODUS


Tokyo City University, Japan
Using UC-win/FRAME(3D) and UC-win/Section for research and education at the Structural Safety Lab
IDEA Consultants, Inc., Japan
Using VR-Design Studio to visualise projects designed using UC-win/FRAME for construction projects
Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corporation, Japan
Using VR-Design Studio for promotion of their piling technology, EAZET


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